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Sacred. Centered. You.

Promoting self-discovery, self-acceptance, and healing

about sacred. centered. you.


Sacred. Centered. You.,LLC is a healing space and wellness collective that includes some amazing local individuals and places who are promoting missions of wellness & abundance.

Our focus is offering experiences born in the concepts of self-discovery, personal acceptance, & healing.

We also promote the values of spiritual development & growth for those that are seeking it. We are holding healing space for you!

Meet Lesa Vivio

Lesa Vivio is the founder of Sacred. Centered. You., LLC, as well as a licensed professional counselor, practicing in California, PA. Her mission is to assist individuals find their own path to personal growth by assisting them in improving their awareness, understanding, and adaptability to change. 

Lesa is the Director of Vibrational Healing at Dr. Lillian Ronzio's School of Holistic Health, She is specially trained in Vibrational Sound Healing, Mindfulness, Hypnotherapy, Yoga and Meditation, Tai Chi, Qigong, and Trauma-Informed Care, as well as an honored professional and trainer in field of Traumatic Brain Injury.

At the School

This is, by far, one of the most beautiful locations to immerse yourself in your wellness studies.  The Dr. Lillian Ronzio School of Holistic Health strives to empower individuals by teaching self-sufficiency on all levels of healing~Body, Mind & Spirit.  The nation's premier metaphysical and holistic school. Offering workshops and certifications in both fields!  Our founder, Lesa, is one of the valued instructors at the school.  Offering her knowledge of Qigong, Vibrational Healing, and Mindfulness Practices. 

At the Cave

Salt of the Earth is an elegant Himalayan Salt Cave and Chakra Boutique located in McMurray, PA.

Haleotherapy is simply breathing salt air (like going to the beach) by recreating the microclimate of an authentic salt cave.  The room is kept at 72 degrees to be safe for children and adults, and the floors and walls are completely covered with salt. Relax with a comfy blanket while a brine mist is organically dispersed into the air via our graduation tower. No robe or change of clothes is needed for the cave.  We are so blessed to offer a few classes a month at this incredible place!

At the Castle

Nestled away on private property stands the magnificent New Eagle Castle.  Built in the 1990's, the castle was intended to be the private residence of an affluent NY man and his lover to be used as a summer residence right next door to his mother's home.  After the untimely death of the lover, the castle project was abandoned until 2018. Currently owned by the Chaney family, they have generously shared this place for outdoor classes, small events, and photo shoots. We really love our outdoor classes at the castle and know that you will too!