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Promoting self-discovery, self-acceptance, and healing

Promoting self-discovery, self-acceptance, and healing

Promoting self-discovery, self-acceptance, and healingPromoting self-discovery, self-acceptance, and healing

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Finding YOUR Path with Lesa Vivio

Over Lesa's years of service, she has come to believe that personal growth is directly relational to what we are able to see and accept.  Our personal awareness, understanding, and adaptability to change will always play a role in what we see as truth.  Her goal is to assist you with improving your understanding of your concerns so that you can determine a solution that is achievable and realistic for you.  

Spiritual Guidance, Relationship Coaching, as well as Nutritional and Integrative Medicine for Mental Health Disorders are her specialty.  She utilizes techniques from Energy Psychology, Mindfulness, Hypnotherapy, Yoga, Meditation, Tai Chi, Qigong, Gestalt, and Trauma-Informed Care. 

Finding YOUR Best Self with Ben Vivio

For over a decade, Ben has been working with individuals with their journey in the personal development in a variety of rehabilitation settings. No matter by what the means of struggle or challenge came to pass, whether by choice or force, his work has assisted individuals discover their true potential. 

Addictions and traumatic life changes are his specialty. Through a combination of a person-centered, skill-building, and existential approach, Ben's goal is to support you in making changes in your life through the development of motivation, self-confidence, and personal strengths.