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Sacred Self Counseling

Lesa is an archaeologist of the soul.  She will help you identify the necessary questions and self-awareness to grow and heal in accordance with your own truth.  With nearly 20 years of professional experience, as well as a lifetime of self-evaluation and study, she will help you examine your inner motivations, blocks, strengths, fears, and challenges.  Spiritual and Intuitive Guidance, Energy Medicine, Relationship Coaching, as well as Integrative and Vibrational Medicine can all be aspects of this healing journey.  

Past Life Regression

Hypnotherapy can be used to assist with a variety of concerns because it works to treat issues at the root without the interference of the thinking mind.  Past life regression offers a psycho-spiritual journey through time and space, which can alleviate difficult anxieties and fears that are connected to other incarnations that defy our conscious awareness.  Here we can not only discover information about our challenges, but also our soul mates and soul agreements.  This journey can be provided to an individual or to a group of 2-3.  

Energy & Vibrational Medicine

The goal of energy medicine is to help you learn how to achieve a balance, inner peace, and enhance every aspect of healing across your mind, body, and spirit. We offer an amazing fusion of reiki, sound healing, and qigong exercises to help you restore harmony in every aspect of your daily life.  Each session is individualized and tailored to your specific needs, so experiences will be organic and wholesome, as well as experiential and informational. 

Relationship Coaching Immersions

Every relationship will need to be recalibrated from time-to-time if it is expected to last the long haul.  Relationship coaching will allow you and your partner to express your thoughts and concerns, as well as adopt improved communication strategies. Maximum of 3 hours per date of service. These services are conducted by Lesa Vivio, Owner and Founder of Sacred. Centered. You. and Lesa Vivio Counseling.  She is a Licensed Professional Counselor that is specially trained in navigating intimate issues and couples therapy.