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Sacred. Centered. You.

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Sonic Meditation Monday at Sacred. Centered. You.


Each Monday we will be doing a different meditation themed in accordance with the cycle of the energy of the Moon, then amplifying the healing capacity by utilizing specific frequencies, tempos, and tracks of music designed to get you there. 

Salty Vibrations: Sound Healing Meditation


Relax deeply while the tones of sound healing instruments are played in concert for you... leaving you grounded, refreshed, and rejuvenated.  We will be harnessing the power of sound and vibration to restore personal balance and flow into everyday life. 

Rest & Rejuvenate: Guided Meditation


Experience the serenity of a guided journey focused on relaxation and self-healing while being immersed in 18 tons of therapeutic Himalayan Salt in one of the most beautiful and thoughtfully-designed Salt Caves in our part of the world!

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