We are holding healing space for you.

Promoting Self-Discovery, Self-Acceptance, and Healing

Sacred. Centered. You.,LLC is a healing space and wellness collective that includes some amazing local individuals and places who are promoting missions of wellness & abundance.

Our focus is offering experiences born in the concepts of self-discovery, personal acceptance, & healing.  We also promote the values of spiritual development & growth for those that are seeking it. We are holding healing space for you!

We are proud to be a provider of Vibrational Medicine and Healing Arts!  From the Chakra Mat, to Sound Healing, to Reiki. We want you to Feel & Heal... You will be amazed at what these services can do for your overall wellness!  We also have a limited retail selection designed to enhance the healing experience and promote wellness through complimentary medicine. Our items are hand selected by collective members who are available to educate you in their monthly forums. 

Lesa Vivio is the founder of Sacred. Centered. You., LLC, as well as a licensed professional counselor, Certified Mental Health Integrative Medicine Provider, and Certified Brain Injury Specialist. Her mission is to assist individuals find their own path to personal growth by assisting them in improving their awareness, understanding, and adaptability to change. 


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